Earn Money Selling PS4 Accessories Online

If you are looking for a way to monetize your love of PS4 accessories you might consider selling them over the Internet. One of the most popular items that gamers are interested in purchasing is a ps4 travel case. These travel cases allow the gamer to carry their PS4 from location to location without having to worry about the gaming console being damaged in transit. Since these travel cases are in high demand you could build an Ecommerce website and resell these travel cases.

Finding the Right Gaming Console Traveling Case Manufacturer

The starting point is identifying manufacturers that produce the PS4 travel case. After the list of these manufacturers has been created, you should find out whether the manufacturer only works on PlayStation or do they create travel cases for other gaming consoles as well. If the manufacturer creates travel cases for other gaming consoles then they do not have to rely on the PS4 console travel cases as their only source of revenue. Since the manufacturer has multiple sources of income they will have lower prices than a manufacturer who only had one potential source of income.

Securing the Best Quality Travel Case for PS4

While assessing the various manufacturers that produce these travel cases you should note where they are located in the world. If the manufacturer is overseas the cost to import the travel cases could be rather high so you would need to work those logistics out especially if you are going to be drop shipping the travel cases.  When you have identified the best quality travel case for the PS4 gaming console you should begin negotiating the best possible terms.

Getting the Best Possible Terms

You will need to establish contact with the manufacturer and ask them whether they offer discounts if you buy the travel cases in bulk. This is a starting point for the conversation and will give you some insight into whether the company is willing to offer a deal. If the manufacturer is willing to offer volume discounts then you can ask them to provide you with that in writing. What you need to do is show them some sales to demonstrate your ability to generate sales and then renegotiate with them to get more preferential terms. This tactic does take time to put into practice but the payoffs are well worth the effort on your end.

Creating an Online Distribution Channel for the Travel Cases

After you have secured the manufacturer you should start creating affiliate relationships with online retailers who are selling gaming console accessories. You can offer them the travel cases at a slightly higher price than what you are paying. Since these affiliates do all of the “heavy lifting” you don’t need to invest much time hand holding them. These affiliate relationships can provide you with the bulk of your orders so these are relationships you need to invest in if you want to make money in this niche so don’t delay implementing this strategy.