What Mobile Gamers Should Keep In Mind

If you want to download Brawl Stars , one of the latest hot games in the mobile gaming world, or other similar games you need the right type of phone to really get the best experience out of it. A few of the things you need to consider include resolution and display among others.

The smart phone market changes very quickly. In a few months the technical characteristics are turned around, new technologies, models or previously unknown functionalities appear, and all this complicates the process of choosing your new phone.

The five characteristics of a smart phone that have the greatest impact on the final experience, which is what most ends up importing us. In search of the best quality price taking into account the main attributes of a telephone and our always vital requirements.

Of course size matters – and resolution too. The size of a smart phone is the key feature, possibly the most important when it comes to being comfortable with your phone.

However, the choice is complex because it is a subjective attribute. Some like bigger ones, and some smaller ones. The key is to look for that size with which you feel more comfortable, whether diagonals reduced (3.5 to 4.3 inches) or greater packaging (4.5 inches on). Despite the “fad” of the big phones, there are still many models that keep the focus on phones that can be handled comfortably with one hand.

Along with the screen there is a key feature: resolution. In a market where the Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) is in fashion, there are many that we do not necessarily see. Of course, the resolution is closely linked to the size of the screen, which is why an alternative measure is proposed that is the pixel density in dots per inch or dpi. There are many who put the ‘good’ limit at those densities above 300 dpi, although it must be recognized that a good experience can be maintained with something less. From 250 dpi onwards it can already be considered a good resolution, always with certain exceptions in the entry phones where it is more difficult to find good panels and that are targeted to users who do not care to notice each pixel of the screen. With performance you refer to the potential of the phone. To your hardware, to the speed of process, movement of the operating system, graphic quality, etc.

Currently there are multiple designers and hardware manufacturers: Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and Apple are perhaps the most recognized and that cover practically all possibilities in the market. There are others of smaller packaging and generally with minimum market shares, that sell more for lower prices than for a great quality.

With regards to mobile gaming, it’s better to go for a phone that is a bit more expensive and of a higher quality. Choosing a lower quality phone could result in you being unable to download Brawl Stars because you don’t meet the minimum system requirements.